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WriteTextFile(filename, text, append, warn, sep, showDialog, encoding)

Write «text» value to a file with name «filename».

Optional parameters

«append»: Default False. If the file exists and «append» is True, it appends the text to the end of the file. If it doesn't exist and «warn» is True , it asks whether to create the file.

«warn»: Default True. If «warn» is False, it suppresses the warning that the file already exists when «append» is false or that it does not exist when «append» is True.

«showDialog»: Default Undefined -- i.e. it shows a file browser dialog only if the indicated filename is a folder, a read-only file, or if it exists and «warn» is True, or if it does not exist and «append» is True. When «showDialog» is True, it always opens a dialog before with file name as the default to let the user change file name or folder. When False, it never shows a dialog but may generate an error when trying to overwrite an existing file with «append» False.

«sep»: (Default is a new line.) Character to use as a separator between elements when «text» is an array.

«encoding» (Default "ANSI".) Specifies how to encode characters in the file:

  • "ANSI" : One byte per character, ISO-8859-1. Extended characters (above ascii 255) are written as ?.
  • "UTF-8" : UTF-8 encoding with a byte order mark (BOM). The UTF-8 encoding uses one byte for comman characters, and 2-3 bytes for characters with ascii values above 127.
  • "-UTF-8" : UTF-8 encoding without a BOM.
  • "UTF-16" : Two bytes per character, big endian, with BOM.
  • "UTF-16le" : Two bytes per character, little endian, with BOM.


Introduced in Analytica 4.0. «encoding» parameter introduced in Analytica 4.5.

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