What's new in Analytica 5.4?

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Analytica 5.4 will be the next future release of Analytica. It is currently under development. The current release is Analytica 5.3. This page is under construction, but will list the enhancements that are new to Analytica 5.4 since Analytica 5.3. If you have an Analytica subscription, you will be able to test drive a preliminary version when Analytica 5.4 goes beta -- check the Beta Tester Page for status.

Editing expressions

Fixed-spaced font

Attributes that hold expressions such as Definition, Check, OnClick, etc., are now shown in a fixed-width font.

There is a user-preference setting to turn this off: Definition / System variables / Settings / Enable fixed font

Syntax coloration

Coloration is now used within an expression to differentiate identifiers, keywords, comments, text literals, etc.

Error underlining

Syntax errors within an expression are underlined in red while editing.


Custom axis/key titles

By default, Analytica uses a variable's title and units to form the axis or key title as it appears on the graph. But you can now override this, and use different text for your axis title or key title on the graph. Just right-click (in edit mode) on the key title or axis title and select Change axis title or Change key title.


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