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Now called AcpStyles:
Now called AcpStyles:
* The Minimum Resolution setting in the ACP styles library is not supported.
* The Minimum Resolution setting in the ACP styles library is not supported.
* <code>Show_uncertainty_icons:no</code> cloudplatformstyle flag is not yet supported.
* <code>Top_diagram_only</code> AcpStyle flag is not yet supported.
* <code>Top_diagram_only</code> cloudplatformstyle flag is not yet supported.
* <code>Save_on_click:yes</code> AcpStyle is not  yet supported.
* <code>Calc_on_open</code> cloudplatformstyle flag is not yet supported.
* <code>"ACP_save_as_filename"</code> AcpStyle is not  yet supported.
* <code>Save_on_click:yes</code> cloudplatformstyle is not  yet supported.
* <code>"ACP_save_as_filename"</code> cloudplatformstyle is not  yet supported.
* <code>download_spreadsheet: abcxyz.xls</code> is not yet supported
* <code>download_spreadsheet: abcxyz.xls</code> is not yet supported
* <code>Message_box_location: x, y</code> is not yet supported
* <code>Message_box_location: x, y</code> is not yet supported

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Analytica Cloud Platform or ACP lets you share and run Analytica models via a web browser, running on a web server. Analytica Cloud Platform release 3.0, or ACP3, is a complete rewrite of ACP, using modern technologies including html5., React JS, and websockets to replace Adobe Flash and other technologies used in previous versions. This page describes what features are new to ACP3 and what features from the original ACP1 are not yet implemented in ACP3

You can sign up and run ACP3 by visitingacp.analytica.com. To sign up for an individual ACP account, specify your email address, enter a password click Sign Up. It will email you a link to verify your email address and password for your personal ACP account. If you already have an ACP account you enter your password and click Sign in. If you don't know your password you can click Get a new password and you will be emailed a link to follow to change your password.

Lumina released ACP3 beta on December 14, 2020. Like the previous version, ACP1, it contains almost all features of desktop Analytica (DTA) for viewing and running a model in Browse mode, including changing user inputs, viewing influence diagrams, tables, and graphs. But it won't (yet) let you edit a model. Like ACP1, it also supports a number of user-interface features that are not (yet) available in Desktop Analytica, including tab-based navigation, where each top level module is accessible as a tab across the top or down the left side of the browser window, and embedding tables and graphs in a diagram. ACP3 even supports some features of DTA that were not supported by ACP1:

What DTA features are new to ACP3 beta?

For the initial ACP3 beta release, we focused on including most widely used features of ACP1, and have not yet put much effort into new features. However, we have already added support in ACP3 for these features of Desktop Analytica that were not supported by ACP1:

  • MultiChoice() a function used in a user input, scalar or edit table, that lets a user select multiple options from a pulldown menu. This useful feature of Desktop Analytica never made it into ACP1 (or ACP2), but is now available in ACP3.
  • Tables
    • Cell formats: ACP3 displays cell formats for individual cells -- e.g. background color, font type and size, alignments, and borders.
    • Text wrapping: When a cell contains text that is too long to fit within the column width, it wraps the text over two or more lines. (This goes beyond DTA.)
    • "Row height and column width: It sizes row height to maximum height of content (including multiline text). It sizes column widths to contain maximum width (up to a maximum).
    • Totals Ability to show totals in result tables.
  • Graphs
    • When you click a data point, bar, or line, it shows a balloon with the associated values.
    • Zooming: You can drag a box area (vertical, horizontal or both) to zoom in on part of a graph -- with icons to zoom back out again.
    • Pivoters:  ACP3 shows pivot indexes available in DTA but not ACP1, including Symbol, Color, Symbol size, and Common index.
    • Added support for 'All' in Slicers.
  • Lists
  • You can add/append/insert/delete/reorder elements in a list. See Creating_an_index#Editing_a_list. Implemented these:
    • Up, Down arrows with Ctrl and Shift
    • Insert or Ctrl+I
    • shift+Click to select multiple cells
    • Double click a cell then drag to reorder
    • Delete or Backspace
    • Enter and Escape.
  • You can set Proactive_Evaluation from Desktop Analytica, and it has replaced the previous 2 ACP styles from ACP1 calc_on_open and auto_recalc_results:yes

Recent Enhancements to ACP

Build 0.44:October12 2021

  • The Go To Parent Diagram button has been deprecated. It has also been removed from the Styles library along with the ACP styles Show_parent_diagram_button and Parent_diagram_button_coordinates:x,y.
  • New functionality for the Diagram tab. With Outline Navigation style, when viewing a diagram, clicking the Diagram tab moves you up to the parent diagram. Replaces the parent diagram button.
  • The Acp style show_title: yes/no was implemented for tall nodes.
  • Enhancement to the Hierarchy stripe. The last item (current view) is shown in bold.
  • All frame node ACP styles were implemented at the variable level (not yet for edit tables). More here.

Build 0.40:August 18 2021

  • Minor enhancement to text input boxes when they have focus.
  • Fixed a bug where Scroll bars were not visible or only partially visible
  • Changed the appearance of "You are about to timeout" message box to match other message boxes.
  • When Model title is shown in the top teal bar, the Main module now reads "Main"
  • Changed a Subtable with a single text cell to show as a text input field rather than as a table in tall node

Build 0.39:August 9 2021

  • Added visual feedback when a formnode button is clicked.
  • Removed unnecessary scroll bars.
  • Sort projects pulldown menu alphabetically (instead of cronologically).
  • Make border thinner for Module nodes.
  • Change defaults for show_uncertainty_view ( show by default even when mid value is last viewed).
  • Change to show_index_menus:no ACP style setting. Now shows slicer indexes by default even with the Acp style Show_index: No.
  • Added ACP style Show_index_menus: Not_even_slicers (if you want to remove the slicers).
  • Add support for Show_uncertainty_view: no/yes for individual nodes. Previously a model level Acp style.

Build 0.38:July 13 2021

  • Improved entering text into a text field - no need to use the mouse to select the exact position of the cursor.

Build 0.37:July 7 2021

  • Added the ACP style option: Show_graph_table_icon: No.
  • Put the empty Index for pivoter menus as last in the list instead of first.
  • Added code to not show the balloon description for Frame or tall nodes when it is already showing its description.
  • Implemented Acp style Show_description:No/Yes for Tall nodes (Preciously implemented for Framenodes).

Build 0.36:July 3 2021

  • Added support for show_as_tab: No for non - top diagram modules.
  • Fixed a problem where Close model after Save model crashed.
  • Speed up the displaying of large tables.

Build 0.35:July 1 2021

  • Implemented show_index_menus: yes/no for the model's top level Acp style
  • Added ACP help and Tech support options to the Close menu.
  • Removed quotes for from text in cells that are specified as text only format.
  • Subtables with single text cells were changed to show as a text field instead of as a table in tall nodes.
  • Multichoice - added support to click below, above, or to the left of the menu to accept the change.
  • Multichoice - Changed a A tall multichoice user input node to display as a list selection.

Build 0.34:June 18 2021

  • Implemented a session timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. With a warning after 25 minutes.
  • Replaced the fly-in pivoters with simply showing or hiding Index menus and pivoters.
  • Tweaking the margins in Frame nodes and Tall nodes around tables and graphs and rounding the corners..
  • Icons for the Table/Graph toggle and for pivoters/index menus now appear only when you mouseover a Tall node or Frame node.

Build 0.33:May 30 2021

Build 0.32:May 14 2021

  • For row pivoters in frame nodes or tall nodes, they no longer show unless "show_index_menus: yes" is set. They still show for tables in the Table tab.
  • The hover highlight was removed from 'Tall nodes'.
  • Set fly-in pivoters to appear for a graph only when you hover over the pivoter chevrons.

Build 0.31: Apr 29 2021

  • Changed the Close Menu items for clarity.
  • Added support for 'All' in Result Graph Slicers.
  • Some more minor improvements in the appearance of result graphs and tables in frame nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where 'All' did not stick when chosen in some choice menus.

Build 0.30: Apr 22 2021

  • Improved the mouseover highlight effect in diagrams with various background colors.
  • Improved the appearance and fit of tables and graphs within framenodes.
  • In result views, changed the inputs location to the left of the Uncertainty view menu.

Build 0.29: Apr 10 2021

Build 0.28: Apr 3 2021

  • Added the ability to sort Table columns and rows, and to show or hide totals Tables in ACP.
  • The attribute 'CloudPlatformStyles' was changed to 'ACPStyle'.
  • Added syntax coloring for definitions in the Object tab. Syntax coloring.
  • Added logging for sessions and Model opening. (To be documented soon).

Build 0.26: Mar 5 2021

Build 0.25: Feb 22 2021

  • Added a progress bar while loading a model. and stopped the display of model internals while loading.
  • Added support for ShowProgressBar - except for the [OK] button to clear the dialog.

Build 0.24: Feb 18 2021

  • Cloud Platform Styles flag "Hide_uncertainty_view: no". This forces the uncertainty views of result tables or graphs to be present. Used in the CloudPlatformStyle of the top level module ie the model.
  • If a variable is showing Mid view, then the uncertainty selector does not show - same as in Acp1.
  • Added the ability to add/append/insert/delete/reorder elements in a list

Build 0.23: Feb 6 2021

  • Signin: Changed the message shown to a new user without a password if they press 'Get a new password' to make it less confusing.

Build 0.22: Feb 2 2021

  • Implemented support for "Publish to cloud..." subject to some limitations mentioned below.
  • Updated the message shown when there is an error establishing a connection. Basically, refresh the browser and try again.
  • Added support for EMF images.
  • Added REST method handlers , so that you can implement REST methods as UDFs in a model.

Build 0.21

  • The [Read|Write][Text|Binary|Export|Image]File() functions are now enabled in ACP3. These file functions only allow access to your own project folder.

Build 0.20

  • When an Individual ACP account is created, the Rent vs Buy example model is included in the Model listing.
  • Enhancements to the appearance of Graph Tooltips, Message Boxes and Buttons.

Build 0.19

  • For Group accounts, added the Project name to the right of the User name in the top Banner.
  • Improved the appearance of the Upload Progress bar when uploading models.
  • Enhancements to the Login page

Features not (yet) in ACP3 beta

ACP3 beta release does not yet support all the features of ACP1 or Browse-mode features of desktop Analytica. We plan to add most of the remaining features in the next few months. Here's what's not yet there:

File access

  • For security reasons, SpreadsheetOpen and so all functions to read from or write to a spreadsheet are not available on our public ACP server.
  • Functions that read or write files (like ReadTextFile) are restricted to reading and writing from your own model folder (in a group plan, from the current Project folder).
  • Functions that read data files (like ReadTextFile) can read files from the user's computer (i.e., the file contents is uploaded into your model's memory)
  • Functions that write data files (like WriteTextFile) have an option to download the file to the user's computer, as opposed to saving it on the server's file system.

Tables and graphs

  • In both Desktop Analytica and ACP1, Result graphs are disabled when they would be meaningless. Eg the result is atomic. Instead a result table is shown. Not implemented in ACP3 .
  • Tables with a comparison index or with comparison variables don't display the columns like they do in Desktop Analytica and ACP1.
  • No copy table button to copy the the entire table with a single mouse click.
  • No support for the result style "Table above graph" and "Graph above table".

Influence diagrams

  • Dynamic arrows are gray with a black arrowhead. The arrow head part is not grey it is in ACP1 and in Desktop Analytica.

ACP User interface

ACP Front End

  • In ACP1 you cannot delete the Home project in a group account. In ACP3 it is possible, but you should not. It may break access to the account at least temporarily.
  • No prompt when you are uploading a file with the same name as one that is already present. In ACP3 the file is over written.
  • No prompt asking you if you want to save changes before closing the model.

ACP Sessions and Calculation

  • No limit on RAM per session.
  • No time limit on computations. It's possible that a very long computation could cause ACP to become unresponsive. In ACP1 computations were limited to 60 seconds in Individual accounts.
  • Some evaluation time warnings are not shown in the browser. For instance if you show a table with an invalid result.

ACP Styles

Now called AcpStyles:

  • The Minimum Resolution setting in the ACP styles library is not supported.
  • Top_diagram_only AcpStyle flag is not yet supported.
  • Save_on_click:yes AcpStyle is not yet supported.
  • "ACP_save_as_filename" AcpStyle is not yet supported.
  • download_spreadsheet: abcxyz.xls is not yet supported
  • Message_box_location: x, y is not yet supported
  • Frame nodes and Tall nodes - not yet implemented: table_only, graph_only, table_over_graph, graph_over_table
  • For hover ballons, show_definition_in_balloon: yes is not yet implemented in ACP3
  • For hover ballons, hover_balloon_delay: xxxx is not yet implemented in ACP3
  • Styles for individual nodes: show_hover_balloon_title: no, show_hover_balloon: no are not implemented in ACP3
  • screen_width: 999, and screen_height: 999 are not implemented yet in ACP3

Features not included in ACP3

Known issues

Known Bugs in the current release which we have yet to fix

  • Inability to delete projects in a Group plan

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