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Trigonometric Functions

Important: Analytica's Trig functions operate using degrees, not radians.

Function Radians

Radians(Degrees : atomic numeric)

Converts an angle measure expressed in degrees to the equivalent measure expressed in radians.

Function Degrees

Degrees(Radians : numeric atomic)

Converts an angle measure expressed in radians to an equivalent degree measure.

Functions Cos, Sin and Tan

Basic trig functions.

Functions ArcCos, ArcSin, ArcTan, ArcTan2

ArcCos( X : Numeric atomic)
ArcSin( X : Numeric atomic)
ArcTan( X : Numeric atomic)
ArcTan2( Y,X : Numeric atomic )

Inverse trig functions. Results are in Degrees. The range of the results are as follows:

Function Range (in degrees)
ArcCos 0 to 180
ArcSin -90 to 90
ArcTan -90 to 90
ArcTan2 -180 to 180

Note: ArcTan2(0,0) returns 0.

Functions CosH, SinH, TanH

Hyperbolic trig functions.


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