«firstRelease» and «lastRelease» must be in the form «major».«minor», or can be omitted.


This shows only in 5.0 and after: {{Release|5.0||use the hover icon.}}

This shows only in 4.6 and before: {{Release||4.6|use the arrow toolbar button.}}

This shows in 5.0 but not 5.1: {{Release|5.0|5.0|the icon looks like "?!"}}

Bar characters

Bar characters ('|') cannot appear within «content», except when they are inside links. This is primarily a problem in tables. Use the {{!}} template in place of bars.

The assignment operator

The := character also seems to break it when used in «content». Use {{eq}} to print this sequence.

Use the ReleaseBar

Pages with content that vary by Release should place {{ReleaseBar}} at the top of the page.

Math within content

It seems that you cannot have a <math>...<math/> tag inside «content». When you do, it breaks. (If you find a way, document it here).