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Pierre Richard 13 April 2007 comments on 4.0 build


- Many excellent Graph setup changes: especially colour, line thickness, fill, and log scale are excellent improvements for presentations - There is a small square at bottom-right that does not fill with colour(!?) - 3D is of no apparent use - it does not improve readability of graphics - Can there be a B&W line style option (broken, dotted lines for eack key value (for use in publications)? - How do you select Number format from the x axis independently of the y axis?

Uncertainty Setup

- Probability bands - can you add 97.5% and 2.5% for an alpha=0.05. It is often required to present confidence intervals that have an alpha= 0.05.

Windows Cascading

BUG !!!!!!- Once, after cascading all open windows, the one with the basic model window partailly filled the window and did not expand correctly when I double-clicked on the top bar. I could not reproduce that problem again so I am not sure what I did differently. It seemed like a redraw malfunction, maybe prior operations required some large memory usage and that affected the redraw(!?). I had just done several runs with large uncertainty samples and I had aslo changes to the resampling method to Knuth!?


-I think the SampleWeighting function is extremely useful since in risk analysis we are interested inthe tails of the density distribution. It is particularly useful when that probability density is wide or skewed. I did not follow the instructions to change that weighting! I would need to see an example of how to define weighting to enhance the sampling of the tails (!?). Would that be achieved by specifying a weighting function?

Printing Analytica reports

It has been incredibly frustrating not to be able to simply print out my model with each node and its definition into a consolidated file. I was hoping this would be addressed in 4.0. I will soon have to defend a model I created using about 300 nodes and am going to be forced to manually enter each node and definition in my writeup. The only way it appears analytica can do this is to print out one node per page, which is going to wast a lot of paper. I tried printing to a PDF but each node simply overwrites the other using the same PDF file name.

Below is a sample of what I had to do within Excel by copying the XML files and doing an enormously complicated amount of sorting and filtering. It took way too long. Please don't release 4.0 without a good way to print summaries of each node into something like Excel. I wold like to see columns with the Title, Description, Definition, Indices, Input variables, Output variables. Tables can be listed by their indices only and indices could be listed [x,x,x,x].

User Objects Title Description Definition

Chance Cum_iv Description: DS-pct All runs over 35 years Definition: cumdist(Dstable_id[Srl='IV'], Ds, Ds) Chance Cum_v Description: DS-pct All runs over 35 years Definition: cumdist( Dstable_id[Srl='V'], Ds, Ds) Chance Rp_cum Description: RP's as a probabilistic variable over time Definition: dynamic(0, cumdist( Rp_bins, rp_bins, rp_bins) ) Chance Rp_cum1 Description: RP's as a probabilistic variable over time Definition: cumdist( Rp_bins, rp_bins, rp_bins) Chance Sa_cum Description: Sa over time as a function of prbabilistic variable RP Definition: linearinterp(rp_bins,sa_bins1,Rp_cum,rp_bins) Chance Sa_cum1 Description: Sa over time as a function of prbabilistic variable RP Definition: linearinterp(rp_bins,Sa_bins2,Rp_cum1,rp_bins) Constant Co1 Definition: 20 Constant Deduct Description: Deductible percentage Definition: 5% Constant Poolc Description: pool confidence level Definition: 0.75 Constant Replace_c Description: Multiplier to get to actual replacement cost Definition: 4 Constant Rooftop Definition: 2479087 Constant Sa_cutoff Description: Assumed damage threshold for Sa Definition: .1 Decision A Definition: .002*sa10b[rp=2m]^(1/(-0.621*ln(sa10b[rp=.01]/sa10b[rp=2m~ ]))) Decision Admin_l Description: Administration layer Definition: 3%*pool_s Decision Allseg_twr Definition: Table(Seg_id)( ) Decision Allsite_cty Description: Couties of each site Definition: Table(All_sites)( Windstate: 2,4,311,418,270 Decision Allsite_loc Description: Lat/Long for all sites Definition: Table(Lat_long,All_sites)( Defnstate: 2,168,178,416,303,0,MIDM Decision Allsite_soil Description: Soil profile for all sites Definition: Table(All_sites)( Defnstate: 2,168,178,416,303,0,MIDM