System Variables

System variables (abbreviated as sysvars) are pre-defined variables in Analytica. You can modify system variables to control the way things are printed, plotted etc. Many system variables control the formatting of graphs. You can also include system variables in the definitions of user-specified variables. You can use the Show command to print a system variable. You may change the definition of a system variable with the usual syntax for definition assignment, e.g.,


If the definition is outside of the legal range for that variable, Analytica will issue the following message:

  Value for Checking must be an integer between 0 and 1 inclusive.
  Do you want to edit the Definition of Checking?

System variables for controlling the format of graphs and other plots are listed in the Summary section of the chapter on graphing.

System variable determining Analytica' ability to understand abbreviations. abbr: 1 means abbreviations are accepted, abbr: 0 means abbreviations are not permitted.

System variable telling Analytica to examine all of the Check attributes in a model and to flag the first incidence of a definition that is in conflict with its check. checking:1 switches it on (default); checking:0 switches i

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