Syntax coloring and fonts and error underlining

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New in What's new inAnalytica_5.4? Syntax coloring identifies keywords, system variable, global and local variables , a fixed font option, and error underlining are new 5.4 features that apply to fields like definitions that make use of expressions. Here is an example illustrating how these features affect the appearance of a definition:

Syntax coloring example.jpg

You can change syntax colors for the various syntax categories and turn all three features on or off using system variables as described below, with links to separate pages for these system variables:

  1. Set the syntax colors using system variable Syntax colors from Definition / System variables / Settings / Syntax colors (see Sys_SyntaxColors)
  2. You can turn syntax coloring on and off using system variable Enable syntax coloring from Definition / System variables / Settings / Enable syntax coloring (see Sys_EnableSyntaxColo)
  3. Go back to variable width font using system variable Enable fixed font back from 1 to 0 from Definition / System variables / Settings / Enable fixed font (see Sys_EnableFixedFont)
  4. Disable error underlining with system variable Enable error underlining, accessible from Definition / System variables / Settings / Enable error underlining (see Sys_EnableErrorUnder)

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