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*Double click on <code>Maintenance cost</code> to open its [[object window]].
*Double click on <code>Maintenance cost</code> to open its [[object window]].
*Select ‘Table’ from the expr popup menu.  
*Select ‘Table’ from the [[expr]] popup menu.  
:[[Image:Maintenance cost table.jpg]]
:[[Image:Maintenance cost table.jpg]]

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  • Double click on Maintenance cost to open its object window.
  • Select ‘Table’ from the expr popup menu.
Maintenance cost table.jpg
  • Press OK from the question box that will appear
  • On the Indexes window, double click Car type to make it your index slice.
  • Press OK button

Expected: Edit table of Maintenance cost with Car type as the index appears

  • Select the first cell.
  • Change 0 to 1200
  • Press arrow down to select the next cell.
Selecting an array edit table maintenance.jpg
  • Change 0 to 2400.
  • Click on the green check button to accept the values.
  • Click result button to bring up result table.

Expected: Result table of Maintenance cost would be indexed by Car type</code. with cell values 1200 and 2400

Result Maintenance cost.jpg

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