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How to Save a Snapshot

  • After changing inputs in an ACP model, you can save it as a snapshot by clicking Save in the top right corner.
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  • Once the link is pressed the save dialog opens with the default name. which you can edit.
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  • You can then continue with the model in a later session by opening the snapshot from the Models tab.

Note that snapshots cannot overwrite the original filename in the models listing, so if you edit the default name and attempt to save the file with the same name as the original, you will be prompted to change the file name.

  • New to ACP; You can also set a button to save a snapshot of the model when it's pressed. To do this you add save_on_click:yes to the button's CloudPlayerStyle attribute. When the button is clicked the Save model dialog opens the same as if you had pressed the save link.
  • New to ACP If you use a button as described above to save snapshots, you may also set your own custom default filename for your model by following these steps:
  1. Add a variable to the model with the identifier acp_save_as_filename
  2. In the definition of this variable enter a text value which will be your custom default file name. As in other textual definitions in Analytica this definition must be contained in quotes.
  3. When You press the button with the ,save_on_click:yes AcpStyles attribute, ACP will open the save dialog with this acp_save_as_filename variable's definition suggested as the default.

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