Pending Analytica 4.6 Issues

If you find a bug in Analytica or ADE, and it is not already listed here, please report it to us through email to

We will list significant known issues here. See Analytica 4.6 beta Release Notes for a list of bugs already fixed in previous beta builds.

COMCreateObject not working except for ADE

An error results in if you try to instantiate any object other than ADE using COMCreateObject.

Fixed in next beta build ( or later).

Graphs sometimes switch to tables when pivoting

This happens in, slightly improved but still occurs in, and fixed in next beta build (

Very small memory leak when solving LPs

Not new to 4.6. Targeted to be fixed prior to final 4.6 release. Each solve of an LP leaks a very small amount of memory, not enough to be of consequence for most models. But if you have a model that loops over defining and solving LPs, say 10s of thousands of times, it can build up and consume available memory resources.

Issues that have been fixed already

Doesn't run on Windows XP

When you start up Analytica on XP, an error appears:

Can't find function GetThreadId in Kerner32.dll

and it terminates.

Fixed in

Crashes on Start-up (with long printer name)

When the printer selected as the default printer in Windows has a name longer than 31 characters, Analytica crashes on startup.

You can work around this one by selecting a different default printer.

Fixed in

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