Open this wiki from Analytica

There are several ways you can open a page or search for information about a function or feature on this wiki directly from inside Analytica. These are really useful when you are learning Analytica.

Open wiki from the Analytica Help menu

Just open the Analytica Help menu, and select User Guide, Optimizer, Tutorial, wiki Home page, or Functions by category in your browser:

Analytica wiki from Help menu.png

(In releases prior to Analytica 5.0 the first three options open corresponding PDF documents instead of the wiki. )

Use the Find dialog to search the Wiki

Find dialog with Open this wiki.png
  1. Open the Find dialog by clicking Find magnifying glass icon.jpg in the toolbar, or pressing control+F.
  2. Type in search text, which could be a feature, function, or anything you are looking for.
  3. Click the on the Wiki button

It opens the wiki in your default browser and shows the page with title matching the search text, or a list of search results.

Right-click on a Function name

In the Definition of a variable:

  1. Double-click the identifier of a system function, say, NPV, to select it.
  2. Right click to open the context menu
  3. Select Wiki help on NPV to open its wiki page with a full description and examples:
Select function name, open right-click menu, and select Wiki help

Open Object view for a function from Definition menu

From the Definition menu, go down the menu hierarchy and select a function or system variable: Definition menu and submenu.jpg

Selecting the function opens an Object window like this one for Factorial:

Object view for Factorial function.jpg

Click the blue link Wiki help on Factorial(...) to open its wiki page.

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