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This wiki offers tips, FAQs, videos, examples, shared libraries, and detailed function documentation on Analytica. It goes way beyond the Analytica Tutorial and User Guides (including Optimizer and ADE User Guides). All content is contributed by Analytica users for each other. You are invited to add your own improvements!

This Analytica wiki home page was used before March 21 2015.

Analytica wiki outline

You are invited to improve existing content and add your own -- to benefit the Analytica user community that has contributed the existing content. You should have a password to log in if you have current support. (If not email info@lumina.com to get one.)

This Analytica wiki uses Mediawiki, the same engine that powers wikipedia. If you have a comment or question on an existing page, you can add it on its discussion page. (Each page has a Discussion tab at the top.) If you can't find a page that addresses your question or have a general comment, add it to Comments and suggestions for Analytica wiki. Or, if you know a good answer to someone's question, feel free to provide it. Any contributions are welcome -- questions, corrections, tips, examples, or libraries you want to share. As with any wiki, all contributions are liable to be edited and improved by others.


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