New to Analytica 5.4

The NodeBorderColor attribute changes the border color of the text on a node (unless its NodeInfo attribute specifies ShowBorder is off).

Set the value to a hex integer of the form: 0xrrggbb. Or, you can also use the legacy method of specifying three comma-separated decimal numbers: red, green, blue, where each value is between 0 and 65535.

When a node does not have this attribute set, it inherits its value from its corresponding class object. For example, when the Objective variable Earnings is drawn, it uses the value for NodeBorderColor of Earnings, if present, but otherwise uses the value from NodeBorderColor of Objective. If that is absent, a black border is drawn. In all cases, no border is drawn in the node style has borders turned off.

As of Analytica 5.4, this attribute has to be changed from the Typescript window -- there is no GUI for changing it.

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