New to the Wiki

As you see, this Analytica wiki has a clean new look. There's also a bunch of other improvements:

  • Faster search: The search box now users Sphinx search, which is much faster and smarter than the old built-in mediawiki search,
  • Comments: If you're not ready to edit the page directly, you can now make comments -- such as requests for new features or improved explanations -- at the bottom of each page (not this one). Just click comment at the bottom of the page to open the Comment section, and type in your comments.
  • Visual Editor: Select Edit from This page menu. This new editor is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), meaning you see what it looks like as you apply styles and edit it, rather than having to wait until you preview it. It lets you apply a wide range of styles, and insert links, and images without having to learn the wiki markup. It also offers a table editor that lets you create and edit tables directly. Check out Help (?) for more details. Note that the Visual Editor cannot handle custom markup.
  • Wiki Editor: The standard editor showing the wiki markup has been updated. Select Edit Source from 'This page 'menu:
    • Use the Preview tab to see edits without having the refresh the page.
    • MsUpload: This extension shows an area at the top of the page that lets you drag and drop one or multipl eimages straight into the Wiki that you can then position within the page.
    • Math: This extension lets you write mathematical expressions.
    • Translate: This extension lets you write versions of each page in another language. For example. the ADE Guide also exists in Chinese.
    • Custom Tags: We have added these custom tags, Tip, Breadcrumb, Footer, and Columns. Here are the details:

Custom Tags

Tag Wikimarkup Preview
Tip <tip title="Tip">This is the tip text</Tip>
This is the tip text
Breadcrumb <breadcrumbs>Page 1 > Page 2 > Page 3</breadcrumbs>
Footer <footer>Previous / Current / Next</footer>
Columns* <columns>Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3</columns> Column 2 | Column 3

*Column tags support 1 to 12 columns. Columns are responsive to page size.

Breadcrumb and Footer tags can accept the wiki markup {{PAGENAME}}, which automatically links to the current page title.

New Content

Lumina is in the process of moving the Analytica User Guides and Manuals to the Wiki. Documents that have been added:


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