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LogNormal Distribution Function


LogNormal( median,gsdev,mean,stddev : optional positive ; over : ... optional atomic) 

New to Analytica 4.0

The LogNormal now supports several parametric variations, as well as an over parameter. Specifically, you can specify a LogNormal using any of the following parameterizations:

LogNormal( median: med, gsdev: gs )  or just LogNormal(med,gs)
LogNormal( median: med, stddev: sd )
LogNormal( median: med, mean: mu )
LogNormal( mean: mu, stddev: sd )
LogNormal( mean: mu, gsdev: gs )
LogNormal( gsdev: gs, stddev: sd )

If fewer than two parameters are provided, the remainder default to std-LogNormal values (e.g., such that ln(x) is standard normal). If more than two parameters are specified, an error results.

The optional Over parameter can be used to specify dimensions over which independent sampling occurs.


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