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string GetFilename([in] string function, [in] string defaultName, [in] string directory, [in] string extensions, [in] string caption, [in] CAObject* callingIdent)

当用户被要求选择以文件名时,在任何一个函数被计算时调用。这些函数包括SpreadsheetOpen()、ReadTextFile()、ReadImageFile()和 ReadExportFile




参 数

  • «function»: the identifier of the built-in function that is requesting the filename. E.g., "SpreadsheetOpen", "ReadTextFile", "ReadImageFile", or "ReadExportFile".
  • «directory»: The current directory.
  • «extensions»: A list of file extensions to filter for. When there is more that one possible extension, they are separated by a double bar, "||". Each extension has two parts, separated by a single bar, "|". The first part is a list of wild cards such as "*.txt;*.dat", each wildcard separated by semi-colons. The second part is a user-friendly description of the extension. For example, SpreadsheetOpen may provide the following filter: "*.xl*;*.csv|Excel Files (*.xl*;*.csv)||*.*|All Files (*.*)"
  • «caption»: The recommended title or caption text for a file open dialog.
  • «callingIdent»: A CAObject pointer to the user-object in the model that is calling the build-in function.





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