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Language, control, and syntax

Operators: Arithmetic: + - * / ^ Comparison: = < > <> <= >= Logical: And, Or, Not; Text concatenation: &; Subscript and slice: x[I=x], x[@I=x] , Assignment :=, Reference \, Dereference #,

Conditional constructs: If-Then-Else, Ifall-Then-Else, Ifonly-Then-Else, If0, Ifpos

Loops: While..Do, For..Do

Grouped expressions: (expr; expr), BEGIN expr; expr END

Comments: { comment }, /* comment */

Local variables: VAR x, Index i; MetaVar v; MetaIndex i; Alias a, Local Index Operator::A.I

Sensitivity analysis: Dydx, Elasticity, WhatIf, WhatIfAll


Basic math: Abs, Sign, Mod, Round, Ceil, Floor, Sqr, Sqrt, Exp, Ln, LogTen, Factorial, Degrees, Radians

Trigonometry: Sin, Cos, Tan Sinh, Cosh, Tanh; ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan, ArcTan2; ArcSinH, ArcCosH, ArcTanH

Set functions: SetContains, SetDifference, SetEvaluationFlag, SetIntersection, SetUnion

Complex numbers: RealPart, ImPart, ComplexDegrees, ComplexRadians, Conj

Signal processing: FFT, FFTInv

Dates, Text, Financial

Date and Time: MakeDate, DateAdd, DatePart, Today, ParseDate, IsDateTime

Text: SelectText, FindInText, TextReplace, SplitText, JoinText, Text Concatenation: t1&t2, TextLength, TextLowerCase, TextUpperCase, TextSentenceCase, TextTrim

Financial: Pv, Fv, Npv, XNpv, Rate, NPer, Pmt, PPmt, IPmt, CumIPmt, Irr, XIrr

Array functions

Make an Index: Sequence, Sequence Operator: first..last, SortIndex, SplitText, SubIndex, Subset, Unique

Array reducing: Sum, Product, Average,| Max Min, ArgMin_and_ArgMax, JoinText, Condmax, Condmin, Area

Subscript, selection, lookup: Slice, Subscript, Slice Operator: [@I=n], StepInterp

Array mapping: Cumulate, Uncumulate, CumProduct, Normalize, Integrate, Rank, Sort, Aggregate

Tables and functions to make arrays: Array, Table, SubTable, MultiTable, DetermTable, ProbTable, AddIndex

Interpolation: StepInterp, LinearInterp, CubicInterp, MonoCubicInterp

Matrix: MatrixMultiply, Transpose, Invert, Determinant, Decompose, EigenDecomp, SingularValueDecomp

Information about arrays: Size, IndexesOf, IndexNames, MemoryInUseBy

Relational tables: MdTable, MdArrayToTable

Other array functions: Aggregate

Statistics and Probability distributions

Statistics: Median, Mean, SDeviation, Variance, Skewness, Kurtosis, Statistics, Probability, GetFract, ProbBands, Correlation, RankCorrel, Regression, Cdf, Pdf

Custom distributions: CumDist, Fractiles, ChanceDist, ProbDist, ProbTable, Random

Discrete distributions: Bernoulli, Binomial, NegativeBinomial, Combinations, Permutations, Geometric, HyperGeometric, Certain

Continuous distribution functions: Uniform, Normal, LogNormal, Beta, Triangular, Poisson, Exponential, Gamma, StudentT, Weibull, Wilcoxon, Logistic, BesselJ, BesselY, BesselI, BesselK, ChiSquared

Modifying distributions: Mid, Sample, Truncate, Shuffle

Erf, ErfInv

Functions for distributions: ProbWilcoxon, CumWilcoxon, CumWilcoxonInv, BetaI, BetaIInv, GammaI, GammaIInv, CumNormal, CumNormalInv

SIPs and SLURPs: SipDecode, SipEncode

Distributions from function libraries

Distribution Variations.ana: Gamma_m_sd, GammaFn, GammaI, GammaIInv, InverseGaussian, InvertedWishart, Lorenzian, NegBinomial

Multivariate Distributions.ana: Gaussian, Multinomial, MultiNormal, MultiUniform, Normal_additive_gro, Normal_compound_gro, Normal_correl, Normal_serial_correl

Distribution Densities.ana: LDens_InvertedWishart, LDens_Wishart, LGamma

User interaction and dialog

User input: Choice, Checkbox

Dialog boxes: MsgBox, Error, AskMsgText, AskMsgChoice, AskMsgNumber, ShowProgressBar

Types and type conversion

Convert type: Chr, Asc, NumberToText, ParseDate, ParseNumber

Get or test type: TypeOf, IsDateTime, IsHandle, IsNaN, IsNull, IsNumber, IsRealNumber, IsReference, IsText, IsUndef, IsResultComputed, IsNotSpecified

Optimizer functions

DefineOptimization, OptInfo, OptObjective, OptSolution, OptStatusNum, OptStatusText, OptEngineInfo, GroupedInteger, OptFindIIS, OptWriteIIS, OptGuess

OptObjectiveSa, OptRead, OptWrite, OptReducedCost, OptRhsSa, OptScalarToConstraint, OptScalarToDecision, OptShadow, OptSlack

Integration with other applications

Reading and writing data: ReadFromUrl, OpenURL, ReadImageFile, ReadTextFile, WriteTextFile, ShowPdfFile

Spreadsheet access: SpreadsheetOpen, SpreadsheetCell, SpreadsheetRange, SpreadsheetSetCell, SpreadsheetSetRange,SpreadsheetSave,, SpreadsheetInfo, SpreadsheetSetInfo

Database and ODBC access: SqlDriverInfo, DbLabels, DbQuery, DbTable, DbTablenames, DbWrite, MdxQuery

Run other applications: RunConsoleProcess

COM API: COMArray, COMCallMethod, COMCreateObject, COMGetProperty

Special functions

Dynamic, Iterate, FindPolynomialZeroes

Objects and meta-inference: ListOfHandles, Dereference Operator: #R IndexesOf, IndexNames, GetVariableByName, IndexValue, AttribGet

Evaluation: Mid, Sample, Evaluate, EvaluateScript, GetEvaluationContext

Error handling: Error, IgnoreWarnings, Try, ReThrow

Miscellaneous: Discrete, Dispatch, FunctionOf

Domain expressions: ContinuousDiscreteIntegerBoolean and Discrete

Domain Access Functions: DomainType, DomainType, DomainLowerBound, DomainUpperBound, DomainIntegerGroup


User editable for variables: Class, Identifier, Title, Units, Description, Definition, Domain, MetaIndex, User-defined attributes

User editable for Functions: Parameters

User editable for Models, Modules, and Libraries: Author, Savedate, Filename

Computed: Value, Probvalue, Inputs, Outputs [add the rest]

Internal: Diagwindow, ObjectWindow ..... [add the rest]

System variables: Run, Time, AnalyticaLicenseInfo, GetProcessInfo, GetRegistryValue, MemoryInUseBy

Function parameter qualifiers

Type: Boolean, Integer, Index, Variable, Handle

Number of parameters: Optional, Repeated

Array qualifiers: Scalar, Vector, Array

[Add all qualifiers and links to them]

Functions still to be categorized


Functions libraries

GCD function library.ana: GCD

Optimization Functions.ana: GoalSeek, Gradient

Financial library.ana: Implied_volatility_c, Implied_volatility_p

ODBC Library.ana: InsertRecSql,

Generalized Regression.ana: InvLogit, Logistic_Regression, Logit

Linked List Library.ana: LL_First, LL_Length, LL_Nth, LL_Push, LL_Remove_First, LL_To_Array, LL_to_RArray

Obsolete optimizer functions: [Move to a separate page of obsolete functions]

LpDefine, LpFindIIS, LpObjSa, LpOpt, LpRead, LpReducedCost, LpRhsSa, LpShadow, LpSlack, LpSolution, LpStatusNum, LpStatusText, LpWrite, LpWriteIIS, NlpDefine

Other deprecated functions



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