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* [[Find Dialog]]
* [[Find Dialog]]
* [[Object Finder dialog]]
* [[Object Finder dialog]]
* [[FindObjects]]  A powerful function to find objects with specified class, attributes, and more.
* [[The Outline window]]
* [[The Outline window]]
* [[Objects and Values]]
* [[Objects and Values]]

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4.6  •  5.0  •  5.1  •  5.2  •  5.3  •  5.4

Find object from its identifier

To find an object when you see its identifier in a Definition or other attribute, select the identifier (double-click on it), and select Find Selection from the Object menu or just press Control+h.

Find dialog

Alternatively, you can search for an object containing the text in any of several attributes using the Find dialog.

  1. Optionally, select the identifier or other text you want to search for in a Definition or any attribute.
  2. Click the Find icon on the Toolbar or press Control+f , to open the Find dialog:
    Find Dialog.png
  3. If you selected some text, it will appear in the dialog as the search text. If not, type in the identifier or text you want to search for. You can enter a partial name, such as 'down' for 'Down payment.' For more advanced searches, you can even use regular expressions.
  4. Select the attribute to search within, Identifier, Title, Description, Definition, etc., or select All text attributes to search in all.
  5. Click the Find button to jump to the find matching object, select List to jump to a list of matching objects, or select wiki to open the Analytica wiki in a browser window and search it for the text.

When you use the Find button, If it finds a matching object, it shows the node selected in its parent Diagram window. If you enter a partial name, it might find multiple matches. In that case, it jumps to the first match. To cycle though all the matches, select Find Next from the Object menu or press Control+g.

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