Error Messages/43538

Error message

The OnClick attribute of the Button Bu1 recursively calls itself. A recursion is not allowed in a Button OnClick attribute.


You can "run" a button Bu1 from another button Bu2 by simply using Bu1's identifier by itself as an expression. But you can't tell a button to "run" itself, either directly or indirectly. So, for example, if you have two buttons with the following OnClick attributes, this error would result:

OnClick Bu1 := Bu2
OnClick Bu2 := Bu1

This would be an example of Bu1 indirectly running itself, since it runs Bu2, but Bu2 then runs Bu1.

When you do this, it almost certainly means you made a mistake.

Passing a handle parameter

One instance where this mistake is easy to make is when your button script is calling a function that accepts a handle parameter. Your function might want the calling button to identify itself, for example, but you forget to surround the parameter with a call to the Handle function.

Function HandleButtonPress(buttonPressed: handle)
Button Bu1
OnClick: HandleButtonPress(Bu1) { oops! }

This causes the error because the parameter to HandleButtonPress gets evaluated as part of calling the function, causing a virtual recursive button press in the process. The correct calling syntax here would be

Button Bu1
OnClick: HandleButtonPress(Handle(Bu1))

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