Error Messages/43026

Example error message

Repeated parameter forwarding is not supported with the Table function. 
So, for example, you cannot use Table(...inds).


Although the index list of the table functions (Table, IntraTable, DetermTable, ProbTable and MultiTable) is a repeated parameter, the feature called Repeated Parameter Forwarding is not supported for these functions.

If the feature were supported, it would allow you to dynamically compute the dimensionality of an edit table using Table(...inds), where «inds» is a variable or expression that computes a list of handles to indexes. The Table Splicing capability in Analytica is not capable of dealing with this, so Repeated Parameter Forwarding is not available in this particular case.

The Array function does support Repeated Parameter Forwarding, so Array(...inds, 0) does work, and might provide you with what you want.


Pass each (index) parameter separately to the Table function, or use the Array function.

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