Error Messages/42646

Example error message

A system error occurred during SpreadsheetOpen: No such interface supported.


This is an error reported by the Excel process when using SpreadsheetOpen to open a spreadsheet. The text to the right of the colon is the error message provided by Excel or Windows, and so a variety of different errors are possible.

  • No such interface supported
This message is reported when the filename provided to SpreadsheetOpen is not an Excel file (but e.g. a *.ana file). The first parameter to SpreadsheetOpen should be a format that Excel can open, such as *.xlsx, *.xls, *.csv, etc.

If you see other cases and especially if you eventually figure out the cause, please add it to this list for the benefit of others.


Remedies depend on the specific details of the error message, as provided by Excel or Windows. Please use common sense, or contact Lumina tech support for assistance.

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