Error Messages/42637

Error message

SpreadsheetOpen could not launch or attach to an instance of Microsoft Excel.  
Is Excel (or Microsoft Office) properly installed on this computer?


SpreadsheetOpen and other spreadsheet functions in Analytica Enterprise utilize Excel to read and modify Excel spreadsheets, so Excel must be installed in order to make use of these functions. This message will display when you attempt to use those functions when Excel is not installed.

In other unusual situations, this message may display when Excel's installation is corrupted, or when a bad add-in to Excel causes Excel to crash when it is launched.

Although it would be unusual, certain extremely tight security policy restrictions might prevent applications such as Analytica and Excel from communicating.

Note: Analytica is normally able to utilize Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010 (the latest release at the time of this writing).


If Excel isn't installed on your computer, then install it.

If it is installed, you might need to repair the installation.

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