Error Messages/42574

Example Error Text

The optimizer engine parameter settings name "SampSz" is not found in the engine parameter collection. 
The following parameter names are recognized:

IISBounds, Iterations, MaxSubProblems, MaxIntegerSols, PopulationSize, MaxTimeNoImp, Scaling, Crashing, 
UseDual, SolveWithout, ProbingFeasibility, OptimalityFixing, VariableReordering, BoundsImprovement, PrimalHeuristic,
RequireBounds, Feasibility, LocalSearch, FixNonSmooth, RandomSeed, MaxTime, ReducedTol, PivotTol, SolutionTol, 
PrecisionTol, IntTolerance, IntCutoff, RecognizeLinear, solver_drv, Estimates, SearchOption, MultiStart, TopoSearch, 
Precision, Convergence, StepSize, MutationRate, ExtinctionRate, MaxKnapsackCuts, KnapsackPasses, MaxGomoryCuts, 
GomoryPasses, SolutionAccuracy, SolutionResolution, NumThreads, StepThru, AssumeNonNeg, BypassReports, 
LinearObjective, LinearConstraints, RelaxBounds, SolutionMethod, SecondDerivatives, BranchingRule, IntegerFeasibility, 
LPAlgorithm, NodeSelection, RelIntTolerance or AbsIntTolerance


In your call to DefineOptimization (or perhaps to one of the older LpDefine, QpDefine or NlpDefine functions), you have specified some optimizer-engine control settings using the «parameter» and «setting» parameters. For example, you might have written the following:

DefineOptimization(.., parameter: "SampSz", setting: 20)

You might also have only the setting parameter like this:

DefineOptimization(.., setting: MySettings)

In this case, if you bring up the result for MySettings, you'll find an array with an index containing the parameter name(s). One of these parameter names (in the example, "SampSz") is unrecognized.

Although the long list of possible parameter names given in the message is at first intimidating, this comprehensive list saves you the need to look up the list elsewhere to find the name you are looking for. This list is specific to the engine that you are trying to use. You could also obtain a listing of these settings using:


using the engine name as the first parameter.


Use one of the valid parameter names.

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