Error Messages/42414

Error message

 Syntax error at line 2 while checking:
 13.2, 18.3, 20.3, 14.2, 16, 18, 10.2
 Table is missing right paren at end.


A Table definition contains more data cells than there are index combinations. For example, suppose you have a 1-D table:

Index I := [1, 2, 3]
Variable T := Table(I)(11, 12, 13,14)

Here the index contains 3 elements, but your table definition contains 4 elements. The error message errors and points to the comma just after the third cell where it expects a right paren.

If your Table definition is at the top-level, Analytica is usually able to automatically splice the table when the index length changes, thus avoiding an error such as this. You are likely to experience this when you type the textual definition by hand in expr view, with too many data cells, or when your Table function appears inside a more complex expression (since Table Splicing only occurs when the Table is the outermost expression in the definition).


You need to adjust your table (or indexes) so that the lengths agree. If your table ends up with fewer cells than the indexes, then it will parse, and just include blank cells. So one extreme option is to just delete the data portion of your table (when it is the outermost), and then fill in the data from the edit view afterwards.

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