Error Messages/42350

Error text

In the call to Function ParsedExprParameters(), the value 'Revenue' passed to the second parameter, «param», 
was not a number or textual name of a parameter.


You will see this error when the second parameter to ParsedExprParameters is something other than a number or text value (i.e., a handle, reference, the value Null, etc.).

You may also see this if the second parameter to ParsedExprParameters(expr,param) is a text value, but does not coincide with the name of a parameter to the function called in «expr».

Note that use of the second parameter to ParsedExprParameters is not officially exposed. It is expected that you will use ParsedExprParameters with only one parameter (the parsed expression).


First, figure out what function is being called in «expr» (the first parameter you passed to ParsedExprParameters). To do that, you can use the function ParsedExprFunction. Once you've identified which function is being called, then look at the Parameters attribute for that function to see the names of the parameters. Make sure that the text value you pass to ParsedExprParameters is on of those listed. Alternatively, use a number to identify the parameter by position.

We actually expect you to use ParsedExprParameters with only a single parameter. So you can instead call it with one parameter, avoiding this error, and then subscript the result as desired to obtain the parsed parameter of interest.

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