Error Messages/41262

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You are attempting to evaluate the value-object «License», which cannot be evaluated further.


There are several atomic "objects" that can be held in a value, or in the cell of an array value, which are returned from various special-purpose Analytica functions. These include optimization problems («Lp», «Qp», and «Nlp») returned from LpDefine, QpDefine and NlpDefine, license objects («License») which may be returned from AnalyticaLicenseInfo("AsObject"), record sets («rs») which are created by DbQuery, Excel workbooks («Workbook») returned from SpreadsheetOpen, picture objects obtained from the Pict attribute or from ReadImageFile or ReadFromUrl, and others. These objects cannot be evaluated further, they aren't assumed to evaluate to themselves as a literal numeric or text constant would. If you attempt to evaluate these objects, this error message shows up.

You would normally have to do something a bit esoteric to cause an evaluation to be attempted on one of these objects. You could, for example, apply the Evaluate function to a result containing one of these objects.


If you encountered this error, please add your experience here, what you wanted to do, and how you worked around this error. Someone else may experience the same situation later, and your experience may help them.

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