Error Messages/41249

Error text

 Cyclic module dependency.
 Mo3 - Mo2 - Mo1 - Mo3 
 Module Mo3 not moved


You have attempted to move a module node to another location, but in so doing, you are causing a module to be located within itself, which is not possible. To understand how this can happen, consider the following diagram hierarchy:


This hierarchy depicts that Mo3 is a module of the top-level model, Mo2 is inside Mo3, and Mo1 is inside Mo3.

Now suppose you were to attempt to move Mo3 into Mo1. This would place Mo3 inside Mo1, which is inside Mo2, which is inside Mo3 -- meaning that Mo3 would then be inside itself. The whole cycle would no longer be inside the model - there'd be no root parent any more. This is what a cyclic module dependency is, and it is not allowed. Thus, when you attempt an operation that would cause it to occur, this error appears.


You can move an alias of a module into itself without any conflict. So, if you wanted quick access to the top level from within Mo1, you could create an alias of Mo3 and drag it into Mo1.

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