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Error message

The value passed to the vector parameter, 'Set1', of function 'Union' has more than one dimension, 
so that it is ambiguous which index should be the vector dimension.


A parameter of the function you are calling is declared using the Vector qualifier, such as in this User-Defined Function declaration:

Function Union(Set1, Set2: Vector)

You then attempted to pass a 2-D (or >2-D) array as one of the parameters, e.g.:

Variable A -- {is indexed by I and J}
Variable C := Union(A, B)

Analytica issues this error because it is ambiguous which dimension you intend to be the "vector" dimension -- it might be I or it might be J. Hence, this is ambiguous.


You can "vectorize" your variable in the expression that calls the function. For example, suppose we intended the J dimension of A to be the vector dimension (and we'll assume B is already 1-D), you could do this:

Var AJ[J] := A Do Union(AJ, B)

This declares AJ to be dimensioned only by J when the call is made, so it is clear that Union should operate over the J dimension of A.

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