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 There is a dimensonal ambiguity in the usage of NlpDefine involving the parameters «parameter» and «setting».
 These can be used to specify a single control setting, or a 1-D array of control settings.  When either of these
 parameters has more than one dimension, then both parameters must be specified, and need to have exactly
 one index in common.  In this usage, more than one index exists, and it is ambiguous as to which dimension
 should be used as the dimension containing the parameters. Once you eliminate the ambiguity, then any other
 indexes will be iterated over, creating multiple NLPs. 

 Hint: Supply an index to the «parameter» parameter, and ensure that «setting» is an array containing that index.


At least of the two arrays passed as the «parameter» parameter or the «settings» parameter to NlpDefine is multidimensional and the common index between the two parameters is ambiguous.


Make sure that both the parameters, «parameter» and «settings», both are indexed by the same index, and the additional dimension is array abstractable. Please click on the following link to learn how to set up NlpDefine to array abstract.

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