Error Messages/40645

Error message examples

 In the call to Function Determinant, the indexes of the matrix parameter were not specified, 
 and the matrix parameter is not 2-dimensional (it has three dimensions). It is recommended
 that you explicitly specify the two matrix indexes when calling Determinant


You passed a matrix with more than two dimensions to a function that operates on matrices with two dimensions.

For a two-dimensional matrix, Matrix2d, you can call this function simply without passing in the indexes.


For a matrix with more than 2 dimensions, Matrix3d, you need to explicitly pass the two indexes that you want the function to operate over.

Determinant(Matrix3d, Index1, Index2)

Here, Matrix3d is indexed by Index1, Index2 and Index3. The function will array abstract over the Index3 dimension to calculate the determinants which will be indexed by Index3.


Include the two index dimensions you want the function to operate over.

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