Error Messages/40618

Message text

An internal out-of-tuple-range error occurred while evaluating X. 
Please report this problem to Please provide your model, 
or an example model that reproduces the problem, if possible.


When you encounter this message, you've just discovered a bug within Analytica. The message is reporting that a problem internal to Analytica has been detected -- as opposed to a mistake you've made in your model. In particular, in this case, the internal Analytica code has attempted to access an array element that is outside the bounds of the existing elements of an array. The attempt was caught before damage could be done, hence the error message.


We, the developers at Lumina, are interested in hearing about this error, and learning the details of how to reproduce it, so we can fix the bug in future releases. To help us with that, we ask that you assemble any information you can to allow us to reproduce it. Usually the easiest thing is to email us a copy of your model at the time this error was witnessed, with a set of steps detailing what you did to get the message to appear. We always keep models submitted with bug reports private and stored at Lumina only for the QA & bug fixing.

When an internal error like this occurs, it is often the case that you did something very out of the ordinary, and hence, you may in fact have a model bug of your own. Even if that is the case, the presence of this error (rather than an informative error telling you what your bug really is) is still considered an internal Analytica bug.

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