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 The value of the «Setting» parameter to LP_Definition is not a 1-D array (after array abstraction).
 Since the optional «Parameter» parameter is not specified, the value to the «Setting» parameter 
 needs to be a 1-D array where the index values contain the optimizer parameter name.  


The «Setting» parameter passed to the function (LpDefine or QpDefine or NlpDefine) was not a 1-D array indexed by the Parameter it is setting, and no «Parameter» parameter is passed to the function either. The «Setting» parameter must either be indexed by Parameter or the «Parameter» parameter must be passed.

The «Setting» and «Parameter» parameters to the above functions can be used to set the search settings. (To get a list of parameters that can be set for an engine, you can use the SolverInfo function.) These two parameters can be used in the following ways to set the search settings.

Specifying both parameters:

LpDefine( ... , Parameter: [ 'MutationRate', 'SolutionAccuracy'] , Setting: [0.15, 1m]);

Specifying only the «Setting» parameter:

Index IndexOfParameters
Definition: ['MutationRate', 'SolutionAccuracy'];

Object SettingToLP

Definition: Table(IndexOfParameters)(0.15, 1m);

Defining the optimization problem:

LpDefine( ... , Setting: SettingToLp);

See LpDefine and NlpDefine for documentation on setting the search parameter for functions.


You can resolve this issue either by passing in the «Parameter» parameter to the optimization functions or by passing a 1-D array indexed by Parameter to the «Setting» parameter.

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