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The external optimizer engine, "knitro", is not installed into Analytica optimizer.


The Analytica Optimizer comes with four built-in solver engines:

  • "LP/Quadratic"
  • "SOCP Barrier"
  • "GRG Nonlinear"
  • "Evolutionary"

In addition, you can purchase add-on engines, which includes several large-scale engines from Frontline and others from third party vendors, such as "Knitro", "XPress", "OptQuest", and others.

The model you are using has specified that it wants to use an add-on solver/optimizer engine, in the example, "knitro", but that engine is not installed on your computer.


First, if you just defined the optimization, make sure that you have spelled the engine name correctly. It needs to match the registry setting (see Using a Solver Add-on Engine). Also, if you think you have the add-on engine installed, check that you have done so correctly. One way to check is to evaluate:


If you don't have the add-on engine installed, you could remove the «engine» parameter from your problem definition -- the call to LpDefine, QpDefine, or NlpDefine -- and use one of the built-in engines instead. This might not work, however, if the add-on engine is being used for a particular reason. For example, your optimization problem might exceed the number of allowed variables or constraints of the built-in engines.

If you need to obtain the add-on engine, then you may need to purchase it. Contact Lumina ( for information on how to proceed.

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