Error Messages/40477

Examples of message

In call to Bernoulli, the first parameter, «p», should be greater than or equal to zero.

General form:

In call to function %1%, the %2% parameter, %3%, should be greater than or equal to zero.


You are calling a function that expects a non-negative number for the indicated parameter, but you are passing it something other than a non-negative number. You may be passing it a negative number, Null, a text value, a reference, or something else.

The parameter is declared with the NonNegative qualifier.

If you encountered this error and had trouble finding the root cause, or learned something new from the experience that might help in understanding the problem if it ever occurs again, please document it on this page for others.


Fix the parameter of the function so that it is a number with a value greater than or equal to zero.

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