Error Messages/40445

Error message examples

 The optional valueColumn parameter (7th parameter) passed to MdTable was 'Yellow', 
 which is not an element of the Column2D index.


The parameter passed as the «valueColumn» to MdTable contains an identifier that is not present in the parameter passed as the «Cols» parameter to the function. The «valueColumn» parameter is optional for 2 dimensional table in pure-relational format, and should be a subset of the parameter passed as the «Cols» parameter.

An example of the two parameters for a 2 dimensional table with the columns 'IndexA', 'IndexB', 'Red', 'Green' and 'Blue' would be as follows:

Cols parameter := ['IndexA', 'IndexB', 'Red', 'Green', 'Blue'];
valueColumn parameter := ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue'];

The documentation on MdTable and Relational tables and multiD arrays that explain the function in more detail and provide examples on how the function can be used.


Study the columns of the 2 dimensional table you are trying to convert and either:

  1. Remove the identifier specified in the error from the «valueColumn» parameter. OR
  2. Add the identifier specified in the error to the «Cols» parameter to the MdTable function.

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