New in Analytica 6.1

DeferWindowsResynch( expr )

When running in Desktop Analytica, this suppresses internal messages within the graphical user interface that tell open windows that they may need to refresh the content that they are currently displaying while «expr» is being evaluated. When the evaluation of «expr» completes, all open windows are told that they need to resynchronize everything with the model. The result of the function is the result of evaluating «expr». In ADE or ACP, this function does nothing more than evaluate «expr».

This function exists for an esoteric use case, where your code makes lots of individual changes to attribute values, causing excessive UI refreshes to occur during the calculation, which may also slow things way down and cause the UI to flash a lot. By using this, you can replace lot of small re-synchronizations with a single resynch at the end. While «expr» is being processed, the content showing on the screen may be out-of-date.

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