The call with no parameters, CurrentDataFolder(), returns the full path for the current data directory.

The call with one parameter, CurrentDataFolder(directoryPath), sets the current data folder to «directoryPath» (if valid), and returns the full path of the current data folder afterwards. The parameter can be a relative path, but the full path is returned.

The current data folder is the default path for loading or storing data. Relative files paths are interpreted relative to this folder (directory). File dialogs for data (e.g., export, import) will appear initially in this folder, and functions such as ReadTextFile(), WriteTextFile(), or NlpDefine's trace file treat their filename parameter as relative to the current data folder.

Changing folders in a open or save file dialog may change the current data folder.

Analytica also has a CurrentModelFolder, which determines the default path for saving an loading models and modules. When a model is loaded, the CurrentDataFolder is set, by default, to the current model folder. The two may changed separately.


CurrentDataFolder() is new to Analytica 4.6. But in Analytica 4.5 and earlier, the same function exists as CurrentDataDirectory().

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