Beta Tester Page/Submitting a Bug Report

When you encounter an issue in an Analytica beta release:

  • Check the Known Analytica 5.0 Issues to see if this is a new problem.
  • Attempt to identify a series of steps to reproduce it.
  • Report the problem via email to
  • Where possible, please include:
    • The steps to reproduce the problem.
    • Your model file.
    • If the problem results in a crash, the auto-save recovery file (extension *.ana~) along with the model file before you've recovered changes as re-saved.
    • For ADE bugs, sample code or steps in AdeTest.exe to reproduce it.

We promise to keep entirely confidential any material you send, including model files. We will use it only for identifying the source of the problem.

Please put the emphasis on precisely reproducing one specific instance of the problem. Listing a series of steps in detail to reproduce the problem works the best. The most useful bug reports include specific details and are devoid of any interpretation or generalization.


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