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The Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) is sold as a separate product from Analytica. It allows you to make use of an Analytica model from the backend of a custom application, such as one written in a programming language like a Visual Basic, or from an web application using a technology such as Active Server Pages (ASP).

Using ADE from Java

The Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) exposes the full functionality of the Analyica Decision Engine with COM and ActiveX Automation programming interfaces (APIs). Calling ADE from a Java program requires a third-party component called a Java-to-COM bridge. There are several such products on the market, such as [ EZ JCom], [ J-Integra], [ Java2Com], [ JACOB], [ Interface Tool for Java], [ Comfyj], and many others. Lumina does not have a recommendation on which bridge to use.

We highly recommend the use of ADE 4.0 (as opposed to ADE 3.1), even while it is still in beta, when doing this. Changes to the COM interface in 4.0 increase the interoperability in ways relevant to this integration.


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