Analytica User FAQs

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Training Resources

How can I learn more about using Analytica?

  • Work through the Analytica Tutorial. You can open it as an Adobe PDF document from inside Analytica by selecting Tutorial from the Help menu. The Tutorial is designed to help you learn the basics of navigating and running a model, and building a new model.
  • Attend a 2-day in-person training course. See Analytica training for dates, locations, and contents.
  • Buy a Quick-start package: This gets you 4 hours coaching and help from an Analytica expert, via web-conference, phone, and email, at your convenience. The coach can give you tips, translate a spreadsheet into Analytica, review your model, and help you over obstacles.
  • Review example models included with Analytica and others found within the Analytica Wiki.
  • Attend Analytica User Group webinars.
  • Watch for training articles posted to the Analytica Wiki.

Consulting resources

Where can I find a consultant to hire for Analytica model building?

  • Lumina can refer you to an modeling consultant to help you build a model, or build it for you. Lumina has a few experts available, and can refer you to one of our affiliates -- all of whom we have certified as Analytica experts. Call us at 650-212-1212 to discuss your needs.

Can you help me re-code an existing Excel spreadsheet?

Finding Consultants

Q: I am a consultant looking for Analytica modeling work. Can Lumina help put me in touch with potential clients?

Yes. Please call us at 650-212-1212 to discuss what you can offer. If you are experienced with Analytica, and have expertise in a particular domain, you may be eligible to join our Affiliated Consultants Program. We can then refer clients with appropriate needs.

How can I distribute my Analytica application for others to view or use?

There are several ways to make your Analytica models available for others to review or use:

  • The Analytica Player is available free and lets users view and run Analytica models. Users can change inputs and generate results. They cannot modify the model structure or save model changes. You or your users can download a free copy of the Analytica Player.
  • Analytica Power Player: When your end users need to save inputs, access databases, etc.
  • Analytica Web Player (AWP): AWP lets people view and run models via a Web browser running as Web applications. You can upload models onto a server, and control access to them. AWP is currently in early testing. Please contact Lumina if you want to learn more.
  • Analytica Decision Engine (ADE): For custom front-end user-interfaces or web apps.

Additional Reading

= Reference Materials

Application Integration

How do I import data from my Excel spreadsheet into Analytica?

Use either Copy/Paste (to copy the data once), or OLE linking (to link it). Set up a 2-D table in Analytica having the same number of cells as your Excel source, then Copy/Paste or Copy/Paste link.

How do I query data in an external Database?

You'll need Analytica Enterprise. Use the Ana:DbQuery and related functions, as described in the Analytica User Guide.

To query data from an OLAP server, such as Analysis Services, you'll need Analytica 4.0 Enterprise and will use the Ana:MdxQuery function.

How can I call an external application from my model

  • OLE linking (for external applications that support it)
  • Use the Ana:LaunchConsoleProcess function provides a quite general ability to integrate.

Analytica does not currently provide a direct COM, .NET or Java object interface.


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