Analytica Release Notes/Changes in Patch Build 4.5.3

This page lists issues that are addressed by the patch release 4.5.3. Only things fixed since the 4.5.2 patch release are listed. Also see What's New in Analytica 4.5?.


  • Incorporates the Solver SDK v14 from Frontline Systems, which provides the optimization engines. Analytica 4.5.2 used v12.
  • If you use an add-on optimizer engine, you should run Frontline's v14 EngineSetup to get the matching engine version. After doing that, you need to use RegEdit to rename HKLM/Software/Lumina Decision Systems/SolverEngines/v11 to .../v14. Analytica 4.5.3 will look for the v14 hive, but Frontline's v14 installer incorrectly installs to the v11 hive.
  • The v14 release fixes a bug that causes an intermittent and infrequent "Internal SDK error", and sometimes leads to a process crash. Experiments at Lumina indicate that the problem still exists, but is substantially less frequent than in 4.5.2, now happening about once per 2.5 hours of optimizer solve time. Note: If you are still having a problem with this, from typescript, try setting this:
    InternalSDKErrTries : 5
This restarts a problem when this error occurs up to 5 times. It our tests, we were able to run over 10 hours of solves without seeing the error reported.


  • Some international keyboards use an Altgr key to access special characters. In 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 Altgr did not work.
  • Raw UTF-8 encoding was being returned instead of single Unicode characters from EvaluateScript.


  • TableCellDefault once again accepts quoted defaults as it did in 4.4 and as it is supposed to according to spec. The behavior inadvertently changed for a default of something like "" (two single quotes inside two double quotes).
  • Operator assignment is now SubTable-aware. If you assign (e.g., from a UDF that is called from a button script) an array to a SubTable variable with the same dimensionality as the SubTable, the variable remains a SubTable and the parent Table is updated. Similarly for an assignment to a MultiTable. Cells in the new value corresponding to computed cells in a MultiTable are ignored.
  • When you call Evaluate on a Table expression, the table indexes are now spliced before the table expression is parsed.
  • In Power Player, there was a case where a Copy Table should not have succeeded (because the header row was not marked as editable).


  • When a model is saved in browse-only mode, manual scaling of graphs wasn't working. An audible beep was heard, and the graph axes were autoscaled, ignoring the axis range settings.

Built-in Functions

  • SpreadsheetInfo(..,item:'Names') now filters out numerous internally generated Excel names that don't correspond to named ranges, for example names such as "'Storage Cost Assumptions'!Z_ED6EACCF_D68F_47BA_95EB_F4061B7036C5_.wvu.Cols".
  • The «what» parameter of SpreadsheetRange now accepts options "Sheet", "Address" and "RangeName". These will be exposed and documented in release 4.6, but are now available for internal testing and use.
  • Expression Assist lists add-on engine names as options for the «engine» parameter of OptEngineInfo.
  • The RankCorrel was not accepting Null for the «rankType» (unique rank) and was not showing the possible rankType options in Expression Assist.


  • The shortcut for Publish to cloud... on the File menu wasn't positioned correctly on the menu.
  • Fixed an incorrect initial highlighting when an input expression such as "abc" & "xyz" is first selected. Previously it highlighted as it the two outermost quotes were paired.
  • In ADE, when a bad License error appears, the message box was not displaying on the system console as it should.

Example Models

  • Tunnel Through the Earth example enhanced to include a non-uniform model of the internal density on Earth.
  • The Mass-Spring-Damper example has been corrected to produce better agreement from the dynamic simulation with the theoretical solution, and the theoretical solution to the differential equations has been added.

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