Analytica Release Notes/Changes in Patch Build 4.4.2

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The patch build 4.4.2 fixes numerous bugs in Analytica 4.4.1. As a patch build, its focus is on bug fixes, not enhancements. This document lists bugs fixed since the 4.4.1 release. In pages like What's new in Analytica 4.4?, we usually only list enhancements, not small bug fixes like the ones listed here. But because this is a patch release, and its only purpose is to provide fixes to lots of small bugs, we list them here.

If you are using Analytica 4.4.1, we recommend you upgrade by installing the most recent patch build. With 4.4.1 installed, your license will already be activated, it is just a matter of running the installer.

File Saving and Loading

  • When using Save As... or Save a Copy As..., a stray word Closing would often be written as the first word in the file. This causes a warning to appear when you reload the model, but otherwise doesn't interfere with the load. Fixed so that this stray word no longer is written during these save operations.
  • If you closed Analytica at a key point during program start up and initialization, it would cause an application crash.
  • Changing the display state of attributes on the Attributes... dialog didn't "dirty" the model (i.e., cause the Save option to be enabled).

Choice popups

  • The Choice popup menu now supports more than 254 items (now any number).
  • In long Choice popup menus, you can jump to an item by typing the first few characters of the item label.
  • The Font selection popup now displays the font names using their own font. If for some reason you need to disable this, in typescript type: Sys_ShowFontsOnPopups:0.
  • In the font name popup (in Set Diagram Style... and Set Node Style...), the names of many fonts were truncated (the column on the popup was too narrow), so that you couldn't differentiate which font variation was which.
  • The font in a Choice button would shrink immediately following the selection from the popup.
  • When you are edit mode, the choice control in an input node now pops up when you click it. It is no longer necessary to switch to browse mode or hold the ALT key down.
  • Adjust to text didn't allow the choice control width to shrink, and in some cases didn't expand it enough.
  • When the options on a Choice menu are handles, the display of the labels now toggles between title and identifier when you toggle Show by Identifier (Ctrl+Y).
  • Choice popups now right-align numeric values.
  • Added a «separator» parameter to function Choice, which provides a capability for including separators within your own choice lists. Some single-letter options used to also display as separators, but these were odd and it also made it impossible to have a character choice popup without separators.
  • In one unusual situation, a choice input control displayed a SubTable button instead of a choice pulldown.

Influence Diagrams

  • When dragging a node from the toolbar to the diagram, the node size of the ghost image did not correctly reflect the default node size of the diagram. Now as you drag it, its size will change as you drag it over different diagrams to reflect the default size in that diagram.
  • The default node size, font face, and font size in one diagram was not being inherited from its parent diagram in the case where it had not been explicitly set in the child diagram.
  • With Resize Centered off and Snap to Grid on, resizing of a node would sometimes end up with a corner not on the grid.
  • Double clicking on checkboxes in input nodes would cause the object window to pop up.
  • When scrolling, the bottom border of nodes was sometimes not redrawn.
  • A situation in which a very old (3.1) legacy model encountered an error while loading caused it to use Clear Type fonts when it should have used legacy fonts.
  • When a definition was an empty list, [ ], with spaces between the brackets, the feature that allows you to draw an arrow from a variable to this list variable as a way of inserting the identifier in the definition didn't work.
  • In an esoteric case where a node color was determined via module inheritance, its color in the ghost image seen while dragging was incorrect.
  • After Copy Diagram, new nodes dropped outside the populated range of the diagram didn't display immediately.
  • In some cases when not using Clear Type fonts, the ghost image while dragging nodes was missing the titles.
  • Single-pixel white stripes would appear in some cases when moving a window across the diagram or when scrolling.


  • When an immense amount of text appears in a single cell (e.g., 125,000 caracters in one cell), a condition occurred in which Analytica became non-responsive for an extended period (e.g., 2 minutes) of time while trying to render the table, and would repeat the delay when even the slighted re-rendering was required.
  • When extremely long text appears in a single cell, with more than 32,000 pixels of height, its display would wrap around and overlap, making the other text in the cell unreadable. It now truncates appropriately at 32,000 pixels of height per cell.
  • There was a case in which the slicer position (which item is selected) was not correctly preserved and restored when a model was saved and restored.
  • In a result table with a comparision variable and a one cell selected, the Number Format... dialog would set the format for the wrong column.
  • A crash occurred when viewing Number Format on an extremely large PDF table.
  • The slicer selection popup for a long index would popup with the bottom extending off the screen. It how repositions to be entirely within the monitor.
  • Double clicking a slicer label usually hyperlinks to the index's object window, but this didn't work when the slicer was showing a domain index.
  • A table displayed updated incorrect when a computed index it used changed while the table was still visible, causing the wrong values to appear in the wrong cells when the table was redrawn.
  • A Choice pulldown in a table stopped displaying as a choice after a copy/paste operation into the table.

Built-in functions

  • The SetIntersection function would hang in certain cases when the «resultIndex» parameter was used and matched the size of the result in length.
  • The descriptions for Function Radians and Funcion Degrees were swapped.
  • The description for the YearFrac function didn't mention and provide details for the «basis» parameter.
  • The description for the SpreadsheetCell function didn't include details on the «what» parameter.
  • When the "sum over an all-Null array" warning occurs and your pressed Edit Definition, it wasn't placing the caret on the offending call.
  • The Covariance and Correlation functions reported an internal error when a warning occurred during the evaluation of one of the array parameters.
  • The ArgMin and ArgMax functions returned an incorrect result when a warning occurred while evaluating its array parameter.
  • In one particular situation, the DetermTable function took an excessive amount of time to evaluate, which seemed to scale as O(n^2) rather than O(n).
  • The SpreadSheetRange function did not accept "BorderLeftStyle" as it should have.


  • The semi-continuous feature did work when the «orZero» parameter of Continuous() was an array.
  • The All in module usage for the «decisions» parameter of DefineOptimization didn't find the decision nodes, or all of the decision nodes, that it should have in some cases -- usually when a model was reloaded.


  • When you changed the Use Excel Date Origin preference after result graphs were already computed, the result would adjust in an incorrect fashion, with the dates getting off.
  • Some new computed attributes have been exposed: Att_Dirty, Att_Obfuscated and Att_BrowseOnly. These apply to module nodes, and reveal whether the module has been dirty (has changes that need to be saved), or is obfuscated or browse-only. The Att_Dirty is read/write (so your button script can directly dirty or undirty modules). The other two are read-only.
  • Changing just the attributes of the system variable Time or to the system function CustomizeBalloonHelp didn't "dirty" the model (i.e., enable the Save option).


  • Equal-X histograms for PDF plots were not computing Equal-X histograms. They were actually computing Kernel Density Smoothed estimations using the small number of points usually used by a histogram. This would cause, among other things, negative values to show up in the PDF result where they didn't belong, etc. The Pdf function had the same problem.
  • When an Enhanced Windows Metafile image of a manually-scaled graph is copy/pasted into Word, and the graph has data that is way out of the manual scale range, the rectangule for the graph pasted into Word is too big.
  • When viewing a legacy (e.g., Ana 3.1 or earlier) model with a bar origin set, and then you add another comparison variable, the origin would end up listed twice.
  • A stacked bar graph did not display well in certain cases when Null values were present.
  • In some cases, the variable selected in the bar origin control did not match the bar origin actually used in the graph.
  • When the system variable Verbosity was set to 1 (not recommended), it was not possible to change the series color in a graph.
  • Some graphing options were lost after a variable was renamed, such as the bar origin that used that renamed variable, or axes ranges for the renamed variable.
  • The graph went blank (didn't redraw) when the slicer order was changed.
  • Some graphs didn't show initially when in maximized mode.
  • There was a case in which the comparision index selector pulldown was disabled initially in edit mode. (After a screen redraw it fixed itself).

Object Window

  • When you attempted to rename an identifer, but changed only the upper/lower case of letters, it had no effect.
  • Some weird messages and an eventual crash occurred when you used a button identifier in a definition.
  • Ctrl+E should do nothing when you are already editing a definition.
  • There was a case in which an edit within a literal list changed the wrong cell.
  • After changing the definition of an index to something that is not valid as an index, the definition of a table was changed to a strange "«Warning(«null»):...»".

OLE Linking

  • No warning was being displayed (but should have been) when an OLE link is about to be broken using Break Link.

Misc. User Interface

  • When you save a model in maximized mode, then unmaximize windows after reloading the model, the original unmaximized positions of the windows was not restored to their previous unmaximized sizes correctly.
  • In the function finder's object listing window, many parameter names appeared twice, e.g., (type:type).
  • Added a keyboard short-cut, Shift+Ctrl+P, for Publish to Cloud...
  • Several items on various menus were missing the shortcut key. For example, when you press ALT+F and continue holding the ALT key down, you'll notice that one letter in most options is underlined. If you press that letter after ALT+F, it selects that option. Those that were missing a shortcut now have one.
  • When viewing an Object Window of a system object, then selecting the Outliner, you could get to into a weird state and get Analytica to crash.
  • Changes to the Help Balloons -> Only in browse mode preference didn't always stick.
  • In the Set Node Style..., changes to the font size or face were not reflected immediately in the node preview.
  • When a Function node is selected, the Attributes... dialog now opens in the Function tab. When a module is selected, it opens in the Module tab.

Installer and Licensing

  • Improved error message text in the Update License... dialog in Analytica when a activation key from an earlier release is invalid because support is active.
  • The Page Down key on EULA page in installer didn't work as it should have.
  • Fixed the Tab and arrow key behaviors in the license pane of installer. They jumped about in an odd manner.
  • Set the auto updater to remove older patch installers that you never ran from your hard disk when a newer patch is available.
  • In some cases, Find Selection didn't find the identifier.

Publish to Cloud

  • Subtle changes to make the Publish to Cloud... dialog more intuitive when you have multiple ACP accounts. You had to press OK at key times, with intuitive options disabled, and some information didn't display immediately.
  • When a model is too big for ACP (over 35MB), the error message that the model is too big took a very long time to appear when using Publish to Cloud...
  • The Manage Published Models... option is now enabled when no model is loaded.
  • When you have both Internet Explorer 32-bit and IE 64-bit installed on the same machine, with IE as your default browser, then Publish to Cloud... would open IE 64-bit when using Analytica 64-bit and IE 32-bit when using Analytica 32-bit. Because of some inconsistent user experiences that resulted, both bitnesses of Analytica now use the same bitness of IE.
  • In some cases (e.g., previous bullet), Publish to Cloud... was not re-using the same tab in IE when using Publish to Cloud... repeatedly. (This tab reuse feature only works when your default browser is IE. It is not able to reuse the same tab in Chrome or FireFox).

Example Models and Libraries

  • The Dens_Poisson(0,0) function was returning NaN. The correct result is 1. This is fixed in the "Distribution Densities.ana" library.

Expression Assist

  • Even in 4.4.1, variables in the same module appear "above the line" in the identifier completion popup. However, variables with aliases or inputs/outputs in the module were not displayed, but should have been.

User Guide

  • Fixed some incorrect instructions on page 73 for aligning nodes.


  • The graph rendered by ADE when axis labels are handles always displayed the identifier. It should display the title when CARenderingStyle::HandleFormat is set to title.

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