Analytica 6.0 beta Release notes/Changes in 6.0.9

This page lists all changes in the beta build 6.0.9 that have occurred since the previous beta build 6.0.8.


Installer and licensing

  • Updated the EULA


GUI - Dialogs

Functions (Built-in)

  • Fixed an internal mismatch error which occurred when evaluating the function CumKeelinInv( ).
  • Change to H and b number formats in an f-string to NOT print the 0x or 0b prefix
  • Fixed a bug where CanvasContext's effect was applying to the parent canvas.
  • Added a description for the «fontSize» parameter in the CanvasDrawText() function
  • Fixed a bug. MakeCSV omitted column headers when the value was a handle.

Cell-level table formats

  • Fixed a bug. When you paste into an edit table cell that has EntryType = Identifier, or EntryType = Identifier+Text, it doesn't recognize it as an identifier.

Expression Assist

  • Updated the Expression_assist autocomplete to recognize show_index_menus as a top level AcpStyle.


  • Fixed a bug - slice assignment to a LocalAlias of a global variable, did not report an error (but should have). Slice assignment to a global variable is not allowed (currently).
  • Fixed a bug which could occur when running a script in the command prompt in batch workflow mode using Analytica Enterprise (or Optimizer) "SampleSize must be between 1 and 32000". Not applicable to these editions.


  • Added a new local variable invalidateGraph to OnGraphClick .

Web site

  • Fixed a broken link to the Manual activation page.

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