Analytica 6.0 beta Release notes/Changes in 6.0.6

This page lists all changes in the beta build 6.0.6 that have occurred since the previous beta build 6.0.5.

GUI - Dialogs

  • In the Preferences dialog, moved the Max open windows preference to Personal preferences and adjusted it's alignment.

Object Window or Attribute pane

  • Added a right-mouse context menu item to the menu when you right-click on the Cell Format Expression, which allows you to toggle "Apply computed cell format to edit table".
  • Fixed a bug where the Object window got scrambled when hiding an invalid definition.
  • The cursor position in a definition error was being positioned incorrectly. Repositioned the cursor to the location of the error.
  • Changed the default text for the Author field to use the first and last name and company name, if these are present in the registry.

File Saving and Loading

Fixed a crashing bug which we found occurring when using local indexes.

Installer and licensing

  • Added an option to Licenses that limits the license to computers having a specified number of cores or less. For example, a LICENSE with options=maxCores:16 will allow Analytica, ADE or Suan to run on a server having 16 or fewer cores, but will not allow it to run on a server with 17 or more cores.
  • Corrected a typographical error in the description of Subset.


  • Fixed a bug where the Column width shrinks incorrectly after a cell entry, along with the floating entry indicator positioned wrong.
  • Fixed an Inconsistency with Null in text+number only tables.
  • Also fixed several issues with null being parsed as text, and showing as unexpected font color in tables.


  • Fixed a bug where a 90° rotation of horizontal labels clipped off parts of the characters, the tops and ends of words.
  • Fived a bug with Y-axis scale settings being lost after the graph title removing title


Cell-level table formats

  • Moved the Text entry in the Cell_format_dialog from the Alignment tab in Cell Formats to its own tab, "Entry".
  • Created a Cell Entry option in the new "Entry tab" of the Cell_format_dialog of edit tables in which you can type the identifier of a variable and it will interpret the entry as if you had typed the expression Handle(Ident).

Error text


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