Analytica 6.0 beta Release notes/Changes in 6.0.5

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This page lists all changes in the beta build 6.0.5 that have occurred since the previous beta build 6.0.4.

Expression Assist

  • Fixed a bug where the Expression_Assist was not recognizing a previously typed local as a possible completion
  • Added functionality to the Expression assist. When a local variable has been declared with explicit indexes, then the Expression Assist will display these indexes when the local variable identifier is followed by a dot or an open subscript bracket.

Installer and Licensing

  • Fixed a problem where some free101 users were not receiving a welcome email.



  • Fixed a problem with setting number formats for the .Probability index (in probability band result tables).

Object Window

  • Added a right click menu (to the left 1" of the object window) with a click list to show/hide attributes in the object window (for that object only). Separate from the attribute settings in the Object_menu.



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