Analytica 6.0 beta Release notes/Changes in 6.0.3

This page lists all changes in the beta build 6.0.3 that have occurred since the previous beta build 6.0.2.


  • When creating an identifier from a title such as "Cost & Expense", condense any underscores: i.e., Cost_Expense, (Used to be Cost___expense).
  • Fixed a bug when the domain of a variable is computed, then the domain does not get invalidated during the WhatIf.
  • Changed {..} comment parsing to skip over f-strings, so they don't terminate at f-string braces.

Diagram - Controls

  • When a module has a TemplateOutput variable, it now enables the Result button on the toolbar for the module, and shows the Result hover icon for the module. If you press Result, it shows the result for the Template Output.

Functions (Built-in)

  • Extended the reference operator to allow for an unbound local index. The syntax is: \[.J]expr, where the local index might be created from within expr. This is similar to \[x.J]expr, except that you have no x to refer to when the local index is created from inside expr.
  • f-strings - change so that they use the default number format.
  • Fixed a bug with the FileSystemListing() function

File Saving and Loading

  • Attributes of an object were saving in a different order than in previous builds. Corrected this. Primarily affects users who are managing models in GIT or other repositories who try to Diff previous versions.


  • Fixed a bug where transparency in a new color sequence was being removed inside of graph fills


  • Added several new industry types, and an organization entry to the user pane on the installer for Free101 users.

Object window or atribute pan

  • Added some code to allow nested curly braces for comments in some instances.


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