Analytica 5.4 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.4.4

This page lists all changes in the beta build 5.4.4 that have occurred since the previous beta build 5.4.3.


  • Crash when pasting from Excel.

Attribute panel and Object window

  • When you press Edit Definition (Ctrl+E), it no longer starts with everything selected (i.e., everything reverse video).


  • Some of the *.anaStyle libraries (predefined alternative node color schemes) turned off arrows from function nodes, which overrode the Diagram Style... preference.


  • Changing the arrow settings in the Dialog Style... dialog didn't "dirty" the model (i.e., causing the Save option to enable).

Definition coloring and syntax underlining

  • Successfully parsed definitions disable all error underlining when you aren't editing.
  • Error underlining was showing up in Identifier field (for no good reason).
  • Click_x and Click_y were colored as unrecognized in an OnClick attribute (these exist as locals).
  • In the valid expression Index J / "name" ;= expr, it was underlining "name"
  • It was underlining a number with commas, when the definition consisted just of that single number.

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