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This page lists all changes in the beta build 5.4.3 that have occurred since the previous beta build 5.4.2.


  • First 5.4 beta release to include ADE. Fixed remaining issues with the ADE installer that was preventing release of ADE.


  • When copying table cells from a result table in one Analytica instance to an edit table in a different Analytica process, it now copies the actual image (and not just the text «Picture(PNG)»).
  • In some cases, when a ProbTable node was copied, the domain index was not also duplicated, causing the new node to use the previous node's index domain.


  • There is now a NodeBorderColor attribute, making it possible to alter the border color of nodes. You can set this on class objects to change the default border color for all nodes of that class. There is not GUI for setting this attribute at this time -- you can only change it via the Typescript window. As an example, this typescript command changes module nodes to use a blue border:
    NodeBorderColor Module: 0x0000FF
    We foresee this may be incorporated into some new <code>*.anaStyle node style templates.

File Saving and Loading

  • When you use Add Module... to add a Model to your model, it asks whether you want to import the system settings from the incoming model, or just keep your current settings. Previously this did not apply to custom node styles, which were always imported, but now are imported only when you choose to import the system settings from the incoming file.
  • Moving a linked module or linked library to a different module shouldn't dirty the linked module or linked library (the only changes are to the parent), so if that is all you did, it shouldn't try to save the linked library when you save your model. Moving the linked module/library no longer dirties the linked module/library.
  • A serious (but rare) situation occurred in which it became impossible to save changes. A index evaluation was necessary, but had an error, which caused the save to abort. The fix now successfully saves.
  • A change to (only) the button style (in Diagram Style...) previously did not dirty the model (so the Save option didn't enable).

Syntax Underlining

The new feature that underlines syntax errors in a definition occasionally gets it wrong, and underlines some less common but valid expressions. This continues to be worked on. In this build:

  • Self[Time-1] in a Dynamic was getting underlined

Built-in Functions

  • The Keelin distribution function wasn't working in the previous beta build.

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