Analytica 5.3 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.3.2

This page lists all changes in the beta build 5.3.2 that have occurred since the previous beta build 5.3.1.


  • Updated the logos to the newer branding

Command line

  • An error about an unrecognized command-line parameter was appearing when you double-clicked on a *.ana file that has a hyphen in its name. This bug was first introduced in build 5.3.1.


  • When user input controls are single-cell SubTables, and an input (e.g., choice) is changed, they weren't updating. This bug was introduced in build 5.3.1.
  • In the Node Styles Default system library, right-clicking on a class node was not bringing up the right-mouse context menu.
  • The "Connect model nodes to defaults" button in the Node Styles Defaults system library was not correctly matching equivalent colors in all cases.


  • Crash occurred when moving the mouse right as the graph was about to be generated.


  • Added a warning when you close your model and there are OLE links to external data that has never been saved (and hence, doesn't yet have a file name).
  • Eliminated an issue where OLE linked data to excel was sending Suffix formatted numbers, which Excel didn't understand.
  • Fixed but where OLE link from Excel didn't work when the link is made before the Excel spreadsheet has been saved.


  • Removed references to Lumina's FAX number, which was retired due to lack of use in recent years.

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